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Monterey Park, CA – Fatal Traffic Accident on Pomona Fwy at Atlantic Blvd

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Monterey Park, CA (October 11, 2021) - A fatal traffic accident took the life of one person on the morning of Sunday, October 10 in Monterey Park. The wreck was reported to officials at approximately 4:50 a.m. The incident occurred in the eastbound lanes of the Pomona Freeway near Atlantic Boulevard. Reports indicate that at

Santa Ana, CA – Unknown Injuries Caused by Crash on SR-73 N

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Santa Ana, CA (November 8, 2020) - A car accident caused injuries on a roadway in Santa Ana this afternoon.  Paramedics and other first responders were called to assist at the scene of the wreck that occurred at approximately 1:00 p.m. on State Road 73 North near State Road 55.  Injuries were reported to have

Orange County, CA – Car Crash on Rancho Viejo Rd with Injuries

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Orange County, CA (November 4, 2020) - An auto collision caused injuries on an interstate in Santa Ana just before 12:00 noon today. According to police, the wreck occurred on Rancho Viejo Road at approximately 11:48 a.m. this morning, November 4.  The reason the collision took place is currently being investigated by local authorities.  Few

Orange County, CA – Auto Crash with Injuries on I-605 N at Katella Ave

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Orange County, CA (November 1, 2020) - An auto accident caused injuries on an interstate in the Westminster area of Orange County this afternoon.  Emergency medical technicians responded to the call concerning the crash at approximately 12:18 p.m. this afternoon, Sunday, November 1. The accident occurred on I-605 North near Katella Avenue for reasons still

Santa Ana, CA – Motor Vehicle Crash on SR-91 E Causes Injuries

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Santa Ana, CA (October 17, 2020) - At approximately 4:35 p.m. on the afternoon of Saturday, October 17, a car accident occurred on State Road 91 East in the vicinity of Yorba Linda Boulevard. The crash caused injuries of unknown magnitude to an unspecified number of people.  Emergency medical technicians were observed assisting those with

Orange County, CA – Hit-and-Run with Reported Injuries on I-5

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Orange County, CA (October 16, 2020) - A hit-and-run crash occurred on an interstate in Orange County this afternoon that left an unspecified number of people with injuries.  According to the Orange County police, the wreck occurred at approximately 12:00 noon on Interstate 5 in the vicinity of East Main Street. Few details have been

Orange County, CA – Traffic Crash on I-405 South on Goldenwest Off-Ramp

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Orange County, CA (October 14, 2020) - An auto collision took place on an interstate in Orange County this afternoon that required an emergency response.  The wreck occurred on Westminster I-405 South on the Goldenwest Street off-ramp at approximately 1:00 p.m. this afternoon for reasons still being determined by local authorities.  First responders including paramedics,

Downey, CA – Multi-Car Crash Closes Southbound Lanes of I-5

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Downey, CA (October 9, 2020) - First responders in Downey responded to a call concerning a multi-vehicle crash that occurred on I-5 just before 6:00 a.m. this morning. The crash occurred in the early morning hours of Friday, October 9 for currently unknown reasons.  EMTs were dispatched to the scene of the crash in order

What to Do If You’re Hit by a Motor-Vehicle

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Being a pedestrian can be dangerous. Traffic accidents involving pedestrians are not uncommon. Unfortunately, all it takes is an inattentive motorist for one of these incidents to occur. Pedestrians can be severely injured in these accidents because they are often unprotected while a motorist has the car, seatbelts, and airbags to keep them safe. Here

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