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Dangers of Motorcycle Accidents in Costa Mesa

Accidents involving motorcycles have the potential to be among the deadliest and most debilitating kinds of accidents that can occur on the road. Several things in Costa Mesa are responsible for causing motorcycle accidents, such as congested roadways, drivers distracted by their phones, and hazardous weather conditions.
The experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Beckerman Anderson, APC understand the obstacles riders face on roads in Costa Mesa and all over Orange County. Whether you were injured in a collision with multiple vehicles or a crash involving only one, we can assist you in pursuing the financial compensation that’s rightfully yours.

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    Common Causes of Orange Country Motorcycle Accidents

    A wide variety of factors can cause accidents involving motorcycles in Orange County. The following are some of the most frequently occurring causes:

    Drivers preoccupied with something else, such as texting, checking their phone, or engaging in any activity that takes their attention away from the road, increase the risk of an accident involving a motorcycle.

    Impairment is a primary contributor to many motor vehicle collisions involving motorcycles. The rider or another driver who is impaired puts everyone else on the road in danger, but the consequences can be fatal either way.

    Driving recklessly, such as speeding, swerving, and other forms of reckless driving on the roads of Orange County are all too common. These behaviors significantly increase the risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident.

    Motorcycle riders face unique dangers on the road, including those posed by debris, potholes, and other obstacles. Accidents are more likely to happen on poorly maintained roads, so proper upkeep is essential.

    Frequently Sustained Injuries Costa Mesa Motorcycle Crashes

    Accidents involving motorcycles can result in various injuries, ranging from minor cuts and bruises to severe injuries that threaten a rider’s life. Some of the most common injuries motorcycle riders sustain include:

    Road rash is a type of injury that can be caused when the skin is rubbed against the pavement, which can result in scrapes and abrasions.

    Broken bones are a common type of injury sustained in motorcycle accidents, particularly in the victim’s limbs, ribs, and arms.

    Injuries to the head Motorcyclists are particularly susceptible to sustaining head injuries, ranging from relatively minor concussions to life-threatening traumatic brain injuries.

    Injuries to the spinal cord can be especially debilitating because they can lead to paralysis or permanent disabilities.

    Starting a Personal Injury Claim in the State of California

    If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident in the state of California, you might be eligible to receive financial compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other types of damages. The Orange County motorcycle accident attorneys at Beckerman Anderson, APC are here to assist you in navigating the legal system and fighting for the compensation that is rightfully yours.

    If you are involved in an accident and are interested in starting a personal injury claim, a Costa Mesa motorcycle accident attorney at Beckerman Anderson, APC can:

    Collect evidence: To construct a compelling argument, we will need to collect evidence such as reports from the police, statements from witnesses, and any other documentation pertinent to the situation.

    Filing a claim: Once we have collected all the required evidence, we will file a claim on your behalf with the insurance company.

    Negotiate with insurance companies: In many instances, insurance companies will attempt to settle the claim for a sum lower than what you are legally entitled to receive. We will handle the negotiations on your behalf to ensure you receive the highest possible compensation.

    Filing of a lawsuit: If an insurance provider is unwilling to offer a reasonable settlement, we may have no choice but to resort to filing a lawsuit to secure the compensation that is rightfully yours.

    How Beckerman Anderson, APC Can Be of Service to You

    At Beckerman Anderson, APC, our team of seasoned motorcycle accident attorneys is committed to advocating for the rights of injured riders who have been involved in collisions. To ensure that our clients receive the most compensation possible, we construct compelling cases and successfully negotiate with insurance companies. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, we can assist you in the following ways:

    We will handle all of the legal aspects of your case so that you can concentrate on getting better and getting back to your normal life.

    We will conduct a comprehensive investigation into the events surrounding your accident to establish what caused it and locate any parties that may be held liable for the damages.

    We will collect all of the evidence required to support your claim, including witness statements, medical records, and various other types of evidence.

    Defending Your Legal Rights While Seeking the Financial Restitution

    If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident, you are entitled to certain protections, and these rights must be upheld. At Beckerman Anderson, APC, we will do everything we can to protect your legal rights and secure the financial compensation you are entitled to. We will put in effort to negotiate a fair settlement with insurance companies, and if that doesn’t work, we will file a lawsuit to get you the most amount of money possible for your damages. Don’t allow the insurance company to take advantage of you. Enlist the assistance of the Costa Mesa motorcycle accident attorneys at Beckerman Anderson, APC in pursuing the justice that is rightfully yours.

    Motorcycle Accident FAQs

    If you’ve been in a motorcycle collision, you most likely have many questions about what happened and why. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from customers, along with some answers that should help you better understand your legal standing and available choices:

    Do I still have the right to file a claim even if I was partially to blame for the accident?

    Even if you were partially to blame for the collision, you should still investigate the possibility of submitting a claim for compensation. The state of California operates under a system known as “comparative fault,” which means that the amount of compensation you receive for an accident will be reduced based on the percentage of fault you are responsible for.

    How long do I have to file a claim before it becomes invalid?

    In California, the statute of limitations for filing a claim for compensation for personal injuries is two years from the date of the accident. The phrase “statute of limitations” refers to this principle. Prompt action must be taken because the longer you wait, the more difficult it may become to gather the necessary evidence and construct a compelling argument.

    How much is the value of my claim?

    Your claim’s value will be determined by several factors, such as the severity of your injuries, the impact they have had on your life and work, and any lost wages or other damages you have incurred as a result of the accident. Our legal team will work closely with you to determine the full scope of your losses and aggressively pursue the maximum compensation available.

    Please do not hesitate to contact Beckerman Anderson APC if you require legal assistance with your motorcycle accident claim.

    If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle accident in Costa Mesa or the surrounding areas of Orange County, don’t be afraid to contact Beckerman Anderson, APC for assistance from a qualified attorney. Our skilled attorneys, who specialize in representing people injured in motorcycle accidents, will work with you to learn about your legal options and rights and fight for the compensation you are entitled to. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to set up a consultation and learn more about how we can assist you.

    Determining Who Is at Fault

    It is imperative that you identify the party or parties who are liable, or responsible, for the motorcycle accident you were involved in to receive the appropriate compensation. Because there may be multiple parties involved in this process, including other drivers, vehicle manufacturers, or even government agencies, this can be complicated. At Beckerman Anderson, APC, our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys know how to investigate accidents and identify all potential sources of liability.

    In cases involving motorcycle collisions, the importance of amassing evidence cannot be overstated.

    Successfully resolving any case involving a motorcycle accident relies heavily on the collection of compelling evidence. At Beckerman Anderson, APC, we will work with you to collect all of the evidence that is necessary to support your claim, including:

    Police reports: These reports can provide valuable information about the circumstances of the accident, including specifics about the vehicles involved, the location of the accident, and any citations that were issued as a result of the accident.

    Statements from witnesses: If there were any witnesses to the accident, we will make every effort to collect their statements to establish what took place more accurately.

    Medical documents: We must compile all of your medical documentation pertaining to the accident, which includes all diagnoses, treatments, and prognoses. This will provide concrete evidence in a court of law.

    Other types of evidence: Depending on the specifics of your case, it is possible that we will need to collect additional types of evidence, such as photographs taken at the scene of the accident or the testimony of an expert witness.

    The Advantages of Working with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for the damages you sustained. Navigating the legal process and negotiating with insurance companies can be a difficult and stressful experience. In these situations, Beckerman Anderson, APC can be of assistance. Because of their extensive experience, the motorcycle accident attorneys at our firm know how to construct compelling cases and successfully negotiate with insurance companies to secure the highest possible compensation for their clients. We will take care of all of the legal aspects of your case so that you can concentrate on getting better and returning to your normal life.

    Mistakes to Avoid When Pursuing a Motorcycle Accident Claim

    Putting off seeking medical attention for an excessive amount of time Even if you don’t think you’ve been seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident, you should still seek medical attention as soon as possible after the crash. This will not only assist you in receiving the necessary treatment, but it will also assist in establishing a record of your injuries for your claim.

    Failure to properly document the accident

    You must document the accident in as much detail as you possibly can. Get a copy of the police report, take pictures at the scene of the accident, and jot down the names and contact information of any witnesses.

    When you quickly accept a settlement offer

    There’s a chance that an insurance company will try to offer you a small settlement. Before you accept any offer, talk to a California motorcycle accident attorney to see if the offer is fair.

    Not filing a claim on time

    A claim must be submitted within a certain amount of time to comply with the statute of limitations. In California, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims, which can include claims arising from motorcycle accidents, is typically set at two years from the date of the incident. This indicates that to be eligible for compensation, you must file your claim within two years of the accident’s date. Prompt action must be taken because the longer you wait, the more difficult it may become to gather the necessary evidence and construct a compelling argument.

    Techniques for Successfully Bargaining with Insurance Companies

    Because insurance companies are for-profit businesses, they may be unwilling to pay the full amount you are entitled to receive as compensation for your motorcycle accident. In these situations, Beckerman Anderson, APC can be of assistance. Our skilled legal team has extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies to ensure that our clients receive the maximum compensation possible for their motorcycle accidents. To ensure that you receive the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled, we will employ several different strategies, including:

    The more evidence we have to support your claim, the stronger our case will be, so we need to gather substantial evidence. Together with you, we will compile all required evidence, including witness statements, medical records, and other types of documentation.

    We will need to calculate the full extent of your damages to get the maximum compensation possible. This will include any medical bills, lost wages, and other costs you’ve incurred due to the accident. Additionally, we will need to include any other costs that have been incurred as a result of the accident.

    There are times when it will be necessary for us to bring in various experts to testify about the particulars of your case. These professionals can lend a hand in determining liability and can bolster your case.

    If the insurance company is unwilling to offer a reasonable settlement, we may have no choice but to bring a lawsuit on your behalf to secure the financial compensation that you are entitled to.

    The Importance of Medical Opinions in the Personal Injury Claims

    Motorcycle accident claims frequently involve medical professionals. The severity of your injuries and the toll they’ve taken on your life and your career can be evaluated with the assistance of these professionals. To bolster your case, the attorneys at Beckerman Anderson, APC will collaborate with a wide range of medical professionals, including:

    Physicians: A physician can have important information to share with you regarding your injuries and the treatments you’ve received.

    Specialists: Depending on the particulars of your case, we may need to bring in specialists such as orthopedists, neurologists, or other experts to provide additional information about your injuries. This may be necessary if we need to rule out any potential causes of your injuries.

    Rehabilitation professionals: Physical therapists and other rehabilitation professionals can provide valuable information about your long-term prognosis and the impact your injuries have had on your ability to work and participate in your normal activities.

    Advantages of Starting a Motorcycle Accident Case

    If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident, you might be eligible to receive compensation for the damages you sustained. However, insurance companies will undoubtedly be reluctant to provide a reasonable settlement. In situations like these, legal action against the other party might be the most effective way to obtain compensation. If litigation is required to resolve your motorcycle accident case, the seasoned Costa Mesa motorcycle accident attorneys at Beckerman Anderson, APC are ready and able to represent you. Some of the advantages of filing a lawsuit include:

    The opportunity to pursue additional damages: There are some instances in which you might have the chance to pursue other damages in addition to what the insurance provider is willing to offer.

    A quicker resolution: There are some scenarios in which going to court can result in a quicker resolution to your case. This is because going to court can hasten the process of negotiation.

    The possibility of having a judge or a jury decide your case: If you choose to pursue this matter in court, you will be afforded the opportunity to argue your position in front of a judge or a jury, which will then determine the appropriate level of financial compensation for your loss.

    In certain circumstances, a dispute over a motorcycle accident may be amicably resolved outside of court through mediation or arbitration as an alternative to litigation. In the mediation process, an impartial third party acts as a facilitator for negotiations between the two parties involved, aiming to arrive at a satisfactory resolution to both parties. Arbitration is very similar to litigation, with the key difference being that the decision-maker in arbitration is a neutral third party rather than a judge or jury. If both you and the other party are willing to make concessions, mediation or arbitration could be an excellent alternative to going to court because it could be quicker and cost less than the alternative, which is going to court. At Beckerman Anderson, APC, we will work with you to determine the best course of action for your particular case by taking into account all of the relevant factors.

    Rise in Injuries and Deaths Caused by Motorcycle Accidents Southern California

    Plenty of recent statistics reflect just how dangerous it can be to ride a motorcycle. While the overall total of motorcycle fatalities has declined slightly in recent years, this drop came after a twenty-year period where deaths among motorcycle riders increased every year. The statistics are particularly reflective of the dangers for riders in Southern California, where between 1997 and 2018, the number of fatal motorcycle accidents doubled.

    Serious motorcycle accidents are not something you often see in your local newspaper. When you do, they are usually just a few sentences dedicated mainly to the inconvenient traffic the accident caused. For the victim’s family. A fatal crash can leave a family emotionally and financially devastated for years. If their family member survives the crash, they could face severe, life-changing injuries, and might never be the same again.

    What Is Behind the Recent Increase in Orange County Motorcycle Accidents?

    Just like the rest of California, there are numerous reasons why there has been an increase in Orange County motorcycle accidents. Most of them have to do with careless drivers and the complete lack of care and consideration they show others on the roadway, which puts everyone around them in danger. Some explanations for this spike in serious motorcycle injuries include:

    • Motorcycles have increased in popularity lately, so there are more of them on our roadways. Due to the warm weather in Orange County, there are a lot of days during the year when the weather is appropriate for riding.
    • Drivers are, overall, behaving more recklessly and carelessly. One of the reasons for this is the greater number of distracted drivers both county and statewide.
    • Streets and highways in Southern California roads are much more congested than ever before, and most roadways are deteriorating.

    Even though motorcyclists are obligated to obey all driving laws and operate their vehicles safely, they still have to share the road with other drivers whose conduct has a major impact on their safety.

    Motorcycle Accident Injuries Are More Likely To Be Severe

    The reason motorcycle accident injuries are usually worse than those sustained in a car accident is fairly obvious–a motorcycle rider has very little protection. The overwhelming majority of motorcycle accidents result in serious injury to the rider, and it is extremely rare for a rider to walk away from an accident unharmed.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that 80% of motorcycle riders are injured during an accident. Some of the more severe injuries that riders often endure are:

    • Road rash: This injury is far worse than its name implies. When a rider hits the asphalt, especially at high speed, their extremities can drag across the blacktop and scrape off the skin, causing a major wound prone to serious infection.
    • Spinal cord injuries: According to recent studies, around 10% of motorcycle riders experience some form of spinal cord injury. Some spinal cord injuries are serious enough to result in paralysis or injuries requiring lifelong care.
    • Broken bones: The most common injury riders sustain is broken bones. These are most often caused by the degree of force with which they hit the ground or by their bike or other vehicle rolling over or landing on top of them.
    • Traumatic brain injury: Even riders who wear appropriate headgear are at a very high risk of traumatic brain injury in a collision. During the accident, they can sustain whiplash or strike their head against the asphalt, both of which can lead to traumatic brain injury, which can have permanent repercussions.

    In personal injury cases, the more serious your injuries, the higher your jury verdict or settlement award tends to be. So, it stands to reason that an average settlement for a motorcycle accident tends to be higher than an average settlement for a car accident, although every personal injury case is ultimately decided on its own merits.

    Orange County Motorcycle Helmet Laws

    Section 27803 of the California Vehicle Code states that drivers and passengers must wear a helmet when riding a motorized bicycle, motorcycle, or motor-driven cycle. If a motorcyclist has a passenger who is not wearing a helmet, they could receive a traffic citation, even if they themselves are wearing one.

    In this context, a helmet must be affixed to your head via straps and sized to fit your head properly and securely without undue movement. It must also satisfy the minimum requirements set forth by the California Department of Transportation, whose minimum requirements are listed under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 and include:

    • Style/Design of Helmet: Helmets may not have fixed obtrusions extending more than five millimeters from the helmet’s surface.
    • Weight: Helmets should weigh approximately three pounds.
    • Thickness of Inner Liner: Helmets must be equipped with an inner liner made of expanded polystyrene inner liner at least 19 millimeters thick.
    • Rivets and Chin Strap: Every helmet must have a strong chin strap anchored by solid rivets.

    A DOT-approved helmet will always have a DOT certification mark on the back.

    Is Lane-Splitting Legal in Orange County?

    • As your speed increases, so does your risk of an accident
    • As the speed differential between your bike and any surrounding vehicles increases, so does your risk of an accident
    • The safest lanes to split are the two farthest to the left
    • Try to avoid splitting lanes near larger vehicles such as buses and tractor-trailers
    • Try not to ride in another driver’s blind spot
    • Increase your visibility by wearing reflective or brightly colored protective gear
    • Increase your visibility by using your high beams in the daytime

    While lane splitting is legal in California, it also provides fodder for the other driver’s insurance carrier to challenge liability for an accident. If this happens to you, you should contact an Orange County motorcycle accident attorney to help protect your rights against the insurer.

    Orange County Motorcycle Accident Statistics

    Orange County is experiencing a growing number of motorcycle accidents. In 2012, 977 people were injured or killed in Orange County motorcycle accidents. In 2017, 1,272 motorcycle accidents resulted in injuries or fatalities.

    The number of deadly motorcycle collisions in California is even more worrying. California witnessed 488 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2018. In 30 of those, not wearing a helmet was a contributing factor. For context, there were 4,985 motorcycle crash fatalities in the United States that year, so over 10% of motorcycle-related deaths occurred in California.

    Congested roadways caused by overpopulation are a leading factor in California’s abnormally high motorcycle injury and fatality rate, especially in Orange County.

    What Is the Most Dangerous Orange County Roadway for Motorcyclists?

    State Route 74, also known as the Ortega Highway, has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the most treacherous highways, particularly for motorcycle riders. State Route 74 is a two-lane highway that extends from Palm Desert in Riverside County to San Juan Capistrano in Orange County.


    Its rolling, scenic landscape makes it a popular drive among motorcyclists. Unfortunately, it is an extremely narrow highway that is peppered with sharp turns. Inexperienced and unsuspecting riders often do not realize the grave dangers of cruising down Ortega Highway at breakneck speeds. For example, from January to May 2020, SR-74 was home to about 185 accidents, three of which proved fatal.  

    What Is the Average Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident in California?

    The overall value of your motorcycle accident claim will hinge on several different factors, such as:


    • The nature and severity of your injuries
    • The expected longevity of your injuries
    • What is considered to be maximum medical improvement
    • If surgery or multiple surgeries are necessary
    • If you were permanently scarred or disfigured
    • The cost of your current and project medical treatments
    • How long you were out of work
    • Lost or diminished earning capacity
    • Whether your claim settles post-jury trial or pre-lawsuit

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