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Suffering a personal injury from an auto accident can be a life-altering event for you and your family. After you’ve been hurt in an accident, you may not know who to turn to next. That’s when we step in as personal injury attorneys in Lake Forest. The experienced partners of Beckerman Anderson, APC will fight for you and make sure that whomever wronged you is held responsible.

We are here to help you during this difficult time. If you or a family member have been injured in an accident, trying to put your life back together may come with a lot of questions. If you choose Beckerman Anderson, APC, answers will come quickly. We understand, as car accident attorneys, the burden that can be placed on a family when you or someone you love is the victim of an accident. We will be there every step of the way, explaining all the details of the legal process and making sure your rights are protected.

When you’ve been injured, every day without relief is one day too many. Call us, and the partners at Beckerman Anderson, APC will get started on your case right away.

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When people sustain serious injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents, it can be devastating. They often wonder who is going to pay their medical bills and how they will support their families during the time they are recovering. Beckerman Anderson, APC can offer critical advice in preserving evidence and preparing your case. Cases arising out of automobile accidents are by far the most common type of personal injury case in our court system today. If you or a loved one have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, do not hesitate to seek legal counsel experienced in automobile accident cases in order to best protect your interests. You may be entitled to recover damages that include medical costs, property loss, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
Motorcycle accidents commonly result in catastrophic injuries, permanent disability, and an on-going need for medical care. Your life can be turned upside down. We can help you and your family protect your legal rights and stand up to the insurance companies so that you can get the full compensation that you truly need.
Commercial truck drivers can be on the road for many hours at a time without sleep or rest, limiting their abilities to safely operate the vehicle. The sheer size and weight of one of these trucks can cause devastating injuries to a person in an automobile. Often times, these trucks are being operated on behalf of a large company which adds some legal complexities to the case. Our attorneys have experience dealing with these companies and can help you to obtain the compensation you deserve.
This is perhaps the most overlooked area of law by individuals and attorneys alike. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is there to protect you in the event you are injured by someone who does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance to compensate you for your injuries. At Beckerman Anderson, APC, we investigate all potential insurance available to you. You should always speak with a knowledgeable attorney before dealing with the insurance companies or settling your case.
Some of the most serious injuries occur on our roadways to people who are not in a vehicle. At any moment, an inattentive driver can jump a curb or fail to stop at a light. If a person is hit by a car while walking by, riding a skateboard or scooter, Beckerman Anderson, APC can help him or her obtain compensation for those injuries. Even if the driver was uninsured or committed a hit-and-run, Beckerman Anderson, APC may be able to obtain compensation from the victim’s own insurance.

Whether you slipped on a mysterious liquid at the grocery store or tripped over a loose brick at your friend’s house, you may be entitled to compensation. Property owners have an obligation to make sure their property is safe. Many times homeowner’s insurance will provide compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost income if you are injured on the property.

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they can sometimes cause injuries. Liability is not limited to vicious dog bites. Even something as innocent as a dog jumping on a person could give a right to compensation if the person is injured. If you have been injured by a dog in anyway, you should contact one of our knowledgeable attorneys as soon as possible.
We understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences that any husband, wife, or child ever has to deal with. The emotional and financial impacts can be almost unbearable for any family. It is not something that a family should deal with alone. At Beckerman Anderson, APC, our experienced attorneys can guide you through the legal realities of the situation and help you to recover not only the health care expenses, burial expenses and lost income, but also the lost care, society, protection, love, companionship and comfort.


  • robert corralrobert corral

    I had a slip and fall accident that ended up with a broken wrist. I called Robert at Beckerman Anderson and he was great through out the whole process. He kept me updated the whole time. We were able to settle within a year of my accident. Very happy over all. I really recommend Beckerman Anderson .

  • T HendersonT Henderson

    John Anderson’s professionalism & dedication has definitely exceeded my expectations. He’s done an awesome job! I’m well pleased with the way John handled everything. If you're in need of services, I highly recommend him!

  • Kelly's FIxer UpperKelly's FIxer Upper

    Thank you for your excellent service. I was happy with my settlement. Communication was excellent. Would recommend them to Friends and Family.

  • Taylor FinnTaylor Finn

    I got into an accident this past summer & Attorney Beckerman really helped me get the settlement & treatment I deserved. These types of situations are never fun so I appreciate all of the help & the smooth process. Thank you!

  • Julie TorresJulie Torres

    I got into a car accident back in February of 2020 and I decided to go to Beckerman Anderson, APC. John Anderson took my case and went about it I would say perfectly. I didn’t even have to go in and talk to them he was able to handle everything via call and text. Which was very convenient. I am beyond happy with my settlement and his law office. If you ever need an injury lawyer I would highly recommend them!

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