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Who We Are vs other Car Accident Law Firms

Beckerman Anderson, APC is a small firm dedicated to assisting individuals with their accident attorney needs. As a small firm, we are able to offer personalized and detailed attention to each case with ethical conduct. Our aim is to help each client secure the maximum possible compensation after an accident to facilitate the fullest recovery. At Beckerman Anderson, APC we strive to not only be zealous advocates for clients, but also to render sound advice in even the most trying times.

Other Accident Law Firms:

  • Chase Ambulances to get more clients – We gain clients organically and word of mouth.
  • Use unethical conduct to get whatever they want – We are by the book and have results to prove it.
  • Other law firms over promise – We are realists and give sound advice.

What We Offer Our Car Crash Attorneys Clients

Professional services are based on trust and communication. Beckerman Anderson was founded to provide responsible, relationship-building, cost effective, and client focused legal services. The Beckerman Anderson team can assist you with your auto injury attorney needs.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“I recently had to deal with a tough situation. I would have preferred to learn how to walk with the pain rather than moving forward with this case. I called over a hundred lawyers before finally reaching someone who really understood me, made everything more manageable, and spoke up on my behalf. Bottom line – there are people here to get paid and people who care about what happens. Mr. Nguyen really cares. Most importantly he is an amazing attorney and one heck of a human being. I highly recommend Beckerman Anderson for any family matter. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.”
“A friend referred me to Robert Beckerman several months ago to represent me for a Personal Injury claim. From the moment Rob and I met, I knew I could rely on him to provide professional legal services. I provided Rob with the details of my claim and he gave me his opinion, educated me on the legal side and gave me an idea of what to expect. I was most impressed with Rob’s frequent communication and honesty. Whenever it came the time to make a decision, Rob was sure to include me and talk through the process and ramifications. We settled our case in a reasonable time frame and I was pleased with the results. Should I need an Attorney in the future, Rob will be my first call.”
Luke S.
“Extremely competent and talented injury lawyers at this firm. As a lawyer myself I often have clients who need help in California and Beckerman is my go to a lawyer. Every case they have handled not only came back with excellent results but happy clients as well. The true test of when a lawyer recommends another lawyer is whether or not they would use them for their own case. I can tell you without a doubt that if I needed an injury lawyer in California I would hire Beckerman myself.”
Patrick K.

Why You Need An Auto Accident Lawyer

Even the most seasoned car wreck lawyer does not represent themselves in court. And while not every legal issue requires one, you may not wish to risk foregoing your right for your case to be heard and your opportunity for legal protection. In the midst of a divorce or recovery from a serious injury; securing legal representation may be the last thing you have energy to consider. However, allowing us to focus on the complex legal issues will give you the time and focus to prepare for your life after the case is successfully completed.

What Sets Us Apart as Car Crash Attorneys

Our goal is not only to develop the best and most cost-efficient strategy for achieving a positive result, but also to inform and educate our clients about the law along the way. We have found that by providing our clients with a better understanding of the legal issues involved, they are more able to actively participate in their matter. Beckerman Anderson is an auto collision lawyer dedicated to you.

Our Car Accident Lawyer Successes

$1 MILLION – Settlement total, including benefits from third party claim, underinsured motorist claim, and workers’ compensation claim for client injured in a head-on collision with a truck.
$730,000.00 – Settlement total in wrongful death of 20 year old who jumped on a moving car at a house party. Settlement includes compensation from driver of car and owner of the house.
$400,000.00 – Jury verdict awarded for the wrongful death of a mentally disabled adult when his caretakers failed to properly supervise him during lunch.
$175,000.00 – Settlement for a woman who broke her ankle after falling down stairs outside her apartment.
$155,000.00 – Settlement in disputed liability auto accident where client sustained a broken ankle.
$199,500.00 – Settlement in case against the United States where a Forest Fire truck t-boned our client when it ran a red light.
$57,766.27 – Total judgment after jury trial in case where lane-splitting motorcyclist struck the open door of a car injuring his hand.
$100,000.00 – Policy limits settlement in a rear end accident case where client suffered neck injury.
$375,000.00 – Settlement total in a three-car freeway accident underinsured motorist case.
$137,000.00 – Settlement in disputed liability six car accident where defense alleged our client was responsible for the accident.

$310,000.00 – Settlement value in a medical malpractice case where an abscess was misdiagnosed and resulted in hospitalization for the client.
$75,000.00 – Settlement in a stoplight rear-end underinsured motorist case.
$100,000.00 – Settlement for client who fell from a tree after client’s landlord asked client to trim branches.
$80,000.00 – Settlement for client who required epidural injection after a rear end auto accident.
$132,500.00 – Settlement for client who slipped in butter at a restaurant.
$100,000.00 – Settlement in pedestrian versus auto case where police placed pedestrian at fault for the accident.
$100,000.00 – Policy limits settlement for client who tripped over an exposed tree branch at the house he rented.
$92,000.00 – Settlement for wrongful employment discrimination termination of at will employees.
$105,000.00 – Settlement for minor who was thrown from the car when it was struck on the freeway.
$80,000.00 – Settlement for man who injured his knee when he slipped on water in his garage at an apartment complex.
$100,000.00 – Settlement in rear-end auto accident where driver was underinsured.
$95,000.00 – Settlement for an elderly couple rear-ended on a freeway.

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