Westminster, CA (November 7, 2023) – The California Highway Patrol reported that a two-driver collision happened in Westminster on Tuesday, November 7, in the later evening hours.

Emergency responders were called to the site of a car accident on Interstate 605 southbound at around 6:40 p.m. local time.

According to the most recent information provided by the CHP, the collision on I-605, located close to the exit for I-405, involved a small compact car and a passenger sedan. The incident was claimed to have caused injuries, but the victims’ names and conditions weren’t immediately made public.

Police, EMTs, and fire departments from the area were sent to the accident site in the interim. Though police are currently looking into the events leading up to the incident, no additional details have been made publicly available.

The injured victims and their loved ones are in our thoughts. We wish them a full recovery.

Multi-Vehicle Collisions in Orange County

Around 3,200 individuals lose their lives annually in fatal road accidents in the Golden State, according to the latest information on California’s rate of traffic deaths. Tragically, these incidents also result in hundreds of thousands of injuries, many of which are life-threatening.

Even worse, injured victims’ lives are turned upside-down instantly, particularly because they often require costly long-term medical care. These victims are made to endure excruciating pain and suffering because of injuries caused by another motorist’s careless actions, adding insult to injury.

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