Westminster, CA (November 1, 2023) – The Westminster Police Department has provided further information on a collision between two drivers that took place on Wednesday.

The incident, which happened on northbound Interstate 405 near the Brookhurst Street off-ramp in Westminster and included reports of injuries, prompted the WPD and California Highway Patrol to respond.

Two occupants were reportedly hurt before the fire crew arrived and rescued them. Both passengers were transported by ambulance to an area hospital, where their current conditions are unknown.

The second vehicle’s occupants needed assessment by paramedics due to minor injuries.

At this time, it seems that speed may have had a role in the incident. The police have not released any more information at this time while they continue their investigation.

The injured victims and their loved ones are in our thoughts.

Multi-Vehicle Crashes in California

In the United States, deaths and serious injuries mostly result from automobile accidents. Sadly, human error accounts for the vast majority of fatalities in car accidents throughout the country. Drunk driving, distraction, exhaustion, and racing are all forms of reckless driving. More accidents occur due to reckless driving than due to bad weather or vehicle defects.

Unfortunately, every year in the United States, there are millions of car accidents. More than three million individuals get injuries from such incidents annually.

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If you’ve sustained major injuries, you probably won’t be able to go back to work for a while. In the meantime, you probably won’t be able to accomplish much of anything you like. Of course, it’s extremely taxing to have a family to provide for amid this turmoil.

With the assistance of a competent injury attorney, however, it is possible to get compensation for your losses. Payments might be sent to help with things like medical bills, car repairs, and other such costs.

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