Santa Ana, CA (May 25, 2023) – According to California Highway Patrol officers, a multi-car collision occurred in Santa Ana on the afternoon of Thursday, May 25.

Two to three drivers reportedly crashed on State Highway 57 at around 4:30 p.m., resulting in an unknown number of victim injuries. The collision happened on northbound State Road 57 near the exit to Lambert Road, per CHP officers.

At the accident site, at least one individual required immediate medical assistance, so CHP troopers requested an ambulance response shortly after they arrived at the scene. Those with serious injuries were taken to nearby hospitals as necessary for further treatment.

While cops conducted the on-scene phase of their investigation, SR 57 remained closed. The roadway was reopened by 5:15 p.m., though CHP troopers say their investigation continues in the meantime.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their loved ones.

Car Accidents in California

Several million auto accidents occur annually in the United States, resulting in about two to three million injuries. Needless to say, automobile collisions often have financial, physical, and psychological repercussions, leaving victims with stress, anger, anxiety, and occasionally PTSD.

Adding insult to injury, a wounded victim may spend weeks undergoing rigorous medical treatments in the hospital. Painful injuries, mental upheaval, and financial obligations only exacerbate these difficult circumstances.

It’s essential that victims call a personal injury attorney when they’re shouldering the consequences of an accident caused by a negligent driver. A skilled, compassionate lawyer will be able to assist you in several ways. First and foremost, a local attorney can assist you in determining who or what caused your accident. From there, your lawyer can review the facts and discover your best options for securing financial compensation for your injuries.

Here at Beckerman Anderson, our attorneys aid accident victims in obtaining a full and fair settlement, allowing them to concentrate on their emotional and physical rehabilitation. You should not be concerned about paying the bills when you’re recovering from an accident. Moreover, if negligent drivers are held liable in court, they are less likely to continue driving recklessly. When another person’s negligence on the road has left you with injuries and other damages, you and yours deserve justice.

If you’d like a free consultation with one of our attorneys, don’t hesitate to contact us. The vast majority of automobile accidents are absolutely avoidable because of reckless driving.

After being checked out by a medical professional and given the care you need to recover from your injuries, you should contact a personal injury attorney, especially if the accident resulted from another driver’s reckless driving.

When an accident occurs in California because of a careless driver, the victims may seek compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.

Contact our accident attorneys at Beckerman Anderson as soon as possible to discuss your personal injury case. Reach out to our office at (949) 474-2254 to speak with a knowledgeable and seasoned attorney about your legal rights.

Our Santa Ana car accident attorneys will aggressively pursue full and equitable compensation for your injuries if you were hurt in a car accident in Orange County. We promise to give your case our full attention and to fight for your right to reject insurance companies’ unfairly low settlement offers.