Westminster, CA (March 3, 2023) – A serious car crash happened in Westminster on the morning of March 3. Shortly before 12:00 p.m., emergency responders were sent to the scene of an accident on Interstate 405. 

Reports concerning the accident show the wreck occurred on I-405 South near Brookhurst Street. What caused the collision to happen is still under police investigation at this time. 

One or more people suffered injuries in the collision. They were treated by paramedics on-site before being transported by ambulance to local hospitals. 

The roadway was closed while emergency crews worked in the area, causing significant delays in traffic. At this time, authorities in Westminster are still working to investigate the details of the incident. 

Our thoughts are with everyone involved in this auto collision in Westminster. We hope for their full and fast recovery. 

California Car Crashes

  Westminster, CA - I-405 S Scene of Injury Crash near Brookhurst St Auto collisions occur daily in the state of California. In fact, the Golden State has the second-highest car crash rate in the nation. Injury-causing accidents are a large portion of the accidents that occur in California. The majority of these wrecks happen at busy intersections and on highways. As reported by the California Highway Patrol, California car wrecks are estimated at 400,000, and of those, nearly 200,000 people sustain injuries. One crash happens every few minutes, and unreported crashes are estimated to be double those actually reported. 

Road congestion, distracted driving, driver intoxication, and speeding are the top reasons car accidents happen in the state of California. Last year, 36,000 people lost their lives in fatal traffic collisions in the United States. About 3,000 of these fatalities happened in California. Unfortunately, most of these crashes are preventable. It is critical to pay attention and stay sober, aware, and awake while driving in order to protect yourself and those around you at all times.

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