The frequency of vehicle accidents in California and the rest of the nation has been rising steadily, particularly when it comes to rear-end collisions. In order to avoid or minimize the increasing incidence of these accidents, it is vital to examine the most typical reasons.

In California, driving under the influence, speeding, and distraction are the leading causes of rear-end wrecks. And each year, hundreds of thousands of auto accidents occur in California, including but not just limited to rear-end or fender bender accidents.

Unfortunately, according to figures released by the California Highway Patrol, more than 150,000 accidents resulted in injuries, and 2,800 accidents resulted in fatalities in just one recent year.

Moreover, California is one of the top three states in the United States regarding the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents, with over 3,000 fatalities every year. It is widely held that the majority of fatalities that occur as a result of automobile accidents could be prevented if drivers did not make the mistakes that lead to them, such as failing to make sound decisions on the road, neglecting to pay attention to their surroundings, failing to use safety equipment or driving while fatigued or intoxicated.

How Common Are Car Accidents in California?

Unsurprisingly, 77% of drivers report having been in a vehicle accident at some time in their life, and the likelihood of dying in a car accident in the United States is slightly more than 1 in 100. Your probability of being involved in a collision will vary substantially based on your driving frequency and distance. There is about a 1 in 366 chance that you will be involved in a vehicle accident for every 1,000 miles you drive.

Needless to say, California claims a high accident rate throughout the state, largely due to its size and number of major urban centers. Every year in California, almost 200,000 traffic accidents result in injuries. The expected total number of reported and unreported occurrences would climb to more than half a million if every small collision in which no injuries are inflicted were included. What’s more, each year, about 3,000 incidents result in fatalities.

All of the top five states for the total number of automobile accidents are in New England, with Massachusetts ranking first. Along with Texas and Florida, California is among the top five states with the most deadly accidents in the United States. Tragically, approximately 3,000 road fatalities occur annually in each of these states.

Major Causes of Rear-End Accidents

The California Highway Patrol also recently made available data that showed crucial facts on the most prevalent causes of rear-end accidents in the state of California. If you are familiar with the most prevalent factors that lead to accidents, you may reduce the likelihood that you will be involved in one.

But if the unthinkable occurs and you still find yourself in the middle of an accident, do not hesitate to get in touch with your automobile accident lawyers for aid in settling your claim. Lawyers that specialize in representing clients who have been injured in vehicle accidents will work to ensure that you get adequate compensation for the harm you’ve endured.

Regarding the causes of these major car accidents, authorities say that drivers’ reckless or careless actions cause the bulk of these incidents. It is essential for motorists to comprehend and avoid or prevent the following primary causes of automobile accidents, which include but are not limited to:

  • Speeding and driving recklessly: More than 50,000 accidents are caused by excessive speed annually in California. Speeding affects drivers’ response times, hence increasing the likelihood of automobile collisions and resulting in more serious damages.
  • Driver distraction: A large number of drivers often engage in activities that impair their focus, such as using mobile phones, eating, reading, or conversing with passengers. Due to a lack of knowledge or attentiveness on the roadways, these motorists are more prone to cause accidents.
  • Ignorance of key traffic rules: Performing illegal U-turns and tailgating, particularly in the case of rear-end wrecks, are only two instances of dangerous driving practices or ignorance of traffic laws that may lead to major automobile accidents. Hundreds of accidents have been caused in California alone by drivers who disobey traffic laws or conduct irresponsibly on the roads and highways.
  • Intoxicated or drunk driving: Every year, drunk driving causes over 12,000 fatal vehicle accidents in California. Luckily, most drunk driving accidents may be prevented by choosing other modes of transportation or by taking advantage of free initiatives such as the Safe and Sober Free Cab Ride Home program.

Causes of California Rear-End Collisions

However, it is reasonable to conclude that none of these variables or numerous factors have been identified as contributors to certain incidents. The total number of traffic accidents does not equal the number of collisions per contributing cause. In addition to those mentioned above, several other causes of vehicle accidents exist. The majority of them are caused by driver carelessness, but some may be due to unforeseen circumstances.

Among these extra factors are:

  • Cell phone usage
  • Poorly functioning headlights, brake lights, tail lights, or turn signals.
  • Steering, tires, or trailer hitch defects
  • Ignoring construction safety warnings
  • Disregarding the stop-and-go signal
  • Ignorance of turn signals at crossroads
  • Distraction when driving
  • Drinking and driving

It is pretty evident that speeding and distracted driving are the two most prevalent causes of automobile accidents in California. Excessive speed restricts mobility and affects a driver’s response time in emergencies or rapid traffic changes.

It does this by increasing the force of the collision, which in turn makes the impact much more severe. When a driver is distracted, their attention is divided, and they are not concentrating entirely on the task at hand; as a result, the risk of getting into an accident is significantly raised. However, if you were injured in a vehicle accident, establishing your auto accident case against the negligent or at-fault party will need you to determine the cause of the occurrence.

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