Fontana, CA (January 19, 2023) – On Saturday, January 14, traffic was shut down on the 210 Freeway near the Citrus Avenue exit due to a multi-vehicle collision. Two vehicles collided shortly after 6:30 a.m., which ultimately ended up blocking all of the lanes on the highway. 

An unidentified man was heading east in his Ford Sedan in the westbound highway lanes. The Sedan crashed into a Lexus sport utility vehicle. The Lexus had five passengers inside, including the driver. 

The California Highway Patrol and other emergency responders quickly arrived at the scene; moments later, both drivers were pronounced dead. Another passenger that was in the Lexus died shortly after the accident. The three remaining passengers are reported to have suffered injuries from the collision. It is unclear to police why the Sedan was driving east on the westbound side of the highway. 

The current conditions of the three victims are unknown. The incident is still under investigation by the California Highway Patrol. 

Our thoughts are with those affected by this accident. 

Auto Accident Statistics Fontana, CA-Crash on 210 FWY near Citrus Ave Kills 3 and Injures 3

California’s population is the highest in the country, which means it also has the highest number of drivers on the roads. It’s important to think of safety for yourself and others while driving. There have been recent studies that show more accidents are taking place on highways. In  2017, almost 100,000 drivers were convicted of driving while impaired. Of all the fatal traffic accidents in California, distracted driving accounts for 18% of them. 

Traffic congestion and carelessness are other causes of collisions that happen every day. Of the 500,000 accidents that take place every year, only 200,000 are reported. California is on record for having one of the highest rates of accidents in the United States over the most recent years. Most fatalities can be avoided as long as drivers are practicing safety precautions, using safety equipment, and paying attention. It is very important to consider these factors before getting on the road. 

When someone is injured in a traffic accident because of the decisions made by someone else, there can be devastating consequences for all involved. As families navigate the circumstances brought on by accident injuries, it’s important to remember that there are options out there to help. In many cases, families have legal options available to them. 

The burdens that come with a collision can be overwhelming, and that’s why we believe in seeking a local Orange County accident injury attorney to provide guidance in times like these. Our auto accident injury attorneys at Beckerman Anderson will help clients understand the laws that apply to their case as well as protect their legal rights. 

We believe in providing justice to our clients by supporting and advising the client through the entire legal process and seeking compensation for the pain and suffering experienced, along with the expenses involving the accident.  Our Fontana car accident attorneys want to help you move forward, so give us a call today at (949) 474-2254. 

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