Long Beach, CA (June 27, 2022) – A car wreck happened in Long Beach on the morning of July 25 that required an emergency dispatch. At around 10:45 a.m., responders were sent to the crash scene to assist those involved. 

Sources say the wreck occurred on the 710 Freeway near the Willow Street Exit for reasons still being investigated by police. Paramedics were seen rendering emergency aid at the crash site.

Preliminary reports show that two vehicles collided for reasons unknown. One of the involved vehicles ended up on its side, police said. 

First responders transported one person to an area hospital with injuries. Traffic delays were seen in the area while emergency crews were present. 

The California Highway Patrol assisted with traffic control and closed two lanes of the road while emergency personnel worked in the area. Nothing further has been reported at this time. 

We hope for the full recovery of those with injuries. Nothing further has been reported at this time. 

California Car Crashes

Long Beach, CA - Two-Car Wreck Causes Injuries on 710 Fwy near Willow St More car accidents happen in California than in any other state in the nation. Currently, the number of car wrecks recorded per year in California is over 400,000. Moreover, approximately 250,000 people sustain injuries every year due to these wrecks, and more than 3,500 lose their lives. 

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At Beckerman Anderson, we are fully dedicated to helping injured accident victims recover financial compensation for injuries and losses that were forced upon them by negligent drivers. Driver negligence causes more than 90% of the car crashes reported in the United States. In California, the main leading cause of car wrecks is currently distracted driving, which is one of the most dangerous forms of driver negligence. 

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