Santa Ana, CA (February 23, 2022) – One person was seriously injured on Monday, February 21 in a pedestrian accident in Santa Ana. The wreck happened at approximately 10:06 p.m., according to reports. 

The hit-and-run accident occurred at the intersection of East 20th Street and North Main Street when a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle. Upon their arrival at the scene, emergency personnel found an injured adult in the roadway. 

Paramedics treated the victim on-site before transporting them to an area medical center with a leg injury. The vehicle that struck the pedestrian left the scene without stopping to render aid or wait for authorities. 

Nothing further has been reported concerning the incident at this time. Police continue to investigate. 

We hope for the full recovery of the injured victim. 

California Car Crashes

In 2015, 3,176 people were killed in traffic collisions all over the state of California. A total of 162 deaths were reported following numerous car crashes just within Orange County, alone, many of which have been reported as car accidents in California, as well as other areas across the county. Most importantly, it is important to analyze the main causes of severe collisions if we are to avoid them as best as possible.

Many accidents are triggered by negligent and otherwise irresponsible drivers such as those who engage in driving under the influence (DUI). Across the United States, we have more people convicted for DUI than most countries have citizens. This alarming data makes it no surprise to learn that every year, more than 10,000 people are killed in abrupt accidents with intoxicated drivers around the country.

No matter how they occur, however, serious collisions frequently leave victims and their loved ones with the high costs of recovery. The expenses that follow not only the initial hospitalization of a victim but the continued medical care on top of lost wages as well, can be overwhelming. In many cases, injuries are serious enough to ensure that a victim has to go through years of physical therapy and other costly treatments in an attempt to feel normal again.

Santa Ana Personal Injury Lawyers

In 2014, officers responded to fatal accidents involving a total of 753 pedestrians who were hit and killed by various motor vehicles all over California. A surge of 26% was reported in 2018 as that number rose to 893 victims. Pedestrian accidents in Santa Ana and all areas around Southern California are at least partially liable for these figures. About 7,500 pedestrians were killed by vehicles across the state between 2009 and 2018, creating a crash fatality rate of 25% over the national average. Although pedestrians only account for roughly 14% of all collisions, they make up around 50% of all accident-related deaths, according to authorities.

The reason why pedestrians account for more deaths though only a fraction of collisions is due to the complete vulnerability of the victim, as well as the role of reckless drivers. Negligent actions such as distracted driving, DUI, and speeding are among the top causes of catastrophic auto-pedestrian accidents. Another cause is the actions of criminal parties who intentionally strike victims for the sole purpose of inflicting harm. 

Serious accidents don’t only cause physical and emotional pain but also leave victims and surviving families with the immensely high costs of hospitalization, as well as continued medical treatment such as physical therapy in many cases, or funeral expenses. When a reckless or criminal party has caused the suffering of another person, that party must be held fully accountable for compensating the victims or bereaved loved ones. An aggressive personal injury attorney in Santa Ana will go after the responsible party and help guide you along the frequently complicated road to financial restitution.

If you have suffered serious injuries or the loss of a family member due to an auto-pedestrian collision caused by a reckless party, don’t hesitate to contact our  pedestrian accident attorneys in Santa Ana today at 949-409-4299.

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