Monterey Park, CA (October 13, 2021) – A fatal traffic accident in Monterey Park was reported in the early morning hours of Sunday, October 10. The victim who lost their life in the wreck has been identified as 32-year-old Jacorey Odu of Austin, Texas. 

Reports indicate that the wreck occurred on the Pomona Freeway near the exit for Atlantic Boulevard. Odu succumbed to her injuries at the scene according to information provided by officials. 

How and why the collision took place remains unknown at this time. Various responders were observed on-site in order to assist those involved and investigate the circumstances of the crash. 

At this time, police in Monterey Park continue to investigate the details of the incident. No further information has been provided. 

We would like to offer our sincere condolences to the family of Jacorey Odu at this time. 

Auto Collisions in Monterey Park

Monterey Park, CA - Jacorey Odu Identified in Fatal Crash on Pomona Fwy near Atlantic BlvdStatistics concerning car crashes across the state of California show that the leading three causes of fatal vehicle collisions are drunk driving, inattentive driving, and speeding. Altogether, these illegal driving behaviors are responsible for about 80% of all California traffic accidents.

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Wrongful Death Attorneys in Monterey Park

In the unfortunate event that you or someone you love was injured in a negligently caused California car crash, you could be faced with debilitating pain and suffering due to injuries you may have sustained in the wreck. You may also simultaneously be attempting to financially recover from the losses and damages that resulted from the incident, all while possibly mourning the loss of a loved one. 

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