You’ve tried all you can to make your marriage work and sometimes the best course of action is filing for divorce. Preparing for divorce is unfortunately not always an easy process and there are a couple of things you should take care of before you even consider filing the paperwork at the courthouse.

Hire A Good Divorce Attorney
If you are sure divorce is the necessary resolution, the first thing you should do before filling out the paperwork is to hire a lawyer. You will want a well-experienced attorney, specifically one who has handled divorce cases and been before a judge in family court. It’s important to hire an attorney who understands your goals and the unique complexity of divorce cases. Every situation is different and even if you settle in mediation and not a courtroom, it is best to rely on an attorney to avoid as many unnecessary complications that can come with filing for a divorce.

Collect Financial Documents
Documentation is key when it comes to divorce proceedings. You need to collect several various types of financial documents such as recent pay stubs, income tax returns, car notes, bank statements, and more. It can be confusing to know how much you need to file and how to be present your financials in a way that is favorable to your case. Try to obtain as much of this paperwork before you file, since you may have limited access once the proceedings begin. And don’t forget to make copies of everything you can for your divorce attorney!

Make Your Preparations
Before you get the divorce court involved ensure you have properly assessed your situation and prepare accordingly. You will want to construct a plan for yourself and take necessary steps to make sure you are in the most secure position possible before beginning the divorce process. Important items to plan for include your living situation, your finances and other items you will need on a daily basis until the divorce is finalized. It might be a good idea to open your own bank account, and to have your legal counsel advise you on what to do with any joint accounts and credit cards.

Going through a divorce is difficult, but Beckerman Anderson, APC can help make the legal aspects less trying. If you are considering a divorce, call our office for a free consultation before taking any steps that cannot be undone.